VO2max calculation

What is the VO2max?

The maximum oxygen consumption (flow) where VO2 max is the maximum (max) oxygen (O2) volume (V) that an aerobic organism, can consume per unit of time during maximal aerobic dynamic exercise. VO2max is generally expressed in liters of oxygen per minute and per kg (ml/min/kg).

With a young, healthy and sporty runner, VO2max is observed in the range of 45 ml/min/kg with a man and 35 ml/min/kg with a woman. The maximum oxygen consumption is a good performance indicator for the running.

How to calculate your VO2max

1 Warm up!

Take 10min to warm up. Use the target zones of the HRmax

2 3 or 5 km faster

You must choose between 3 or 5 km and adjust the criteria (age, sex).

3 Your best time

Post your best time below. Sharpen your VO2max with training.

Improve your VO2max by training

You can relatively quickly improve your VO2max with a basic endurance and split training:

  1. Basic Endurance to increase the number of capillaries feeding muscles and increase VO2max. This training is between 60-70% of your HRmax during long sessions (> 1h).
  2. Intervals in your maximum HRmax zone (or between 95% and 110% of your MAS). After warming up, you perform short repetitions of sprints, followed by equivalent time in active recovery. Be careful to stay in anaerobic alactic (no production of lactates). This will increase your maximum cardiac output as well as the amount of oxygen carried (VO2max). The classic is 30/30 x6: (30s of sprint, 30s of active recovery) x 6. These intervals can become 45/45, 60/60, etc.